Membership Meetings 2017

August 2017 - Managing Complicated Projects & Stakeholders

Participants will learn how to effectively engage all stakeholders, especially the most complicated and problematic ones.

July 2017 - Strategies for Diminishing Destruction

Managing everyday conflict and full blown disputes can wear on a project manager and her/his team.

May 2017 - The Lost Art of Mentorship

In the fast and furious world of project management, slowing down progress or moving the timeline to the right for any reason is usually frowned upon by stakeholders and can even be fatal to the life of a project.

April 2017 - Unspoken Best Practices

Ms. Luten will discuss the notion of prescriptive project management. If we assess the autonomy of our work environment which is a complex system, how can inheriting the concept of 'systems thinking' guide our approach to managing successful projects?

Inspirational Readiness Checklist - Leader

Leader Checklist from March Membership Meeting

Inspirational Readiness Checklist - Team

Team Checklist from March Membership Meeting

Roadmap to success

Leader Checklist from March Membership Meeting

March 2017 - Planning Again with No Results? - The Keys To Turning Ideas Into Profit

Effective management with the balance of rewards or consequences for effective behavior modification. In today's business it is important to build the right culture through effective leadership, accountability and being built on the right values and princ

Leadership 101: Understanding Leadership and its Many Forms in an Office Environment

January 2017, "Leadership 101: Understanding Leadership and its Many Forms in an Office Environment" by Serge Dickerson

APMI Monthly Meeting Slides - January 2017

First Alamo presentation of the year; slides include PMI Strategic Plan, President's Assessment, Alamo Scorecard, Chapter Board Report 2016 Accomplishments, and 2017 Alamo PMI Strategic Plan.