The year is shaping up to be an exciting with lots of growth within our community. Outreach is focused on three main goals office:

  1.  Establish a structure for management and growth of our Local Interest Groups (LIGs)
    1. Agile
    2. PMO
    3. Construction (soon to be)
    4. More to come…..
  2. Establish and develop the relationship with our universities on budding careers
  3. Expansion to our areas that are underserved by the PMI community all the way down to Brownsville

The LIGs are in operation and we are refining our processes and policies to make the operations more efficient to help serve our members better supplying content that helps us do our passions better!

The next item of career development is in full swing as we have a new program for college undergrads taking a PM course, helping to mentor and assistance with the CAPM exam. This program will bring in a group that we have not had in APMI - the CAPM’ers!

Finally we have been looking at our members that are not in San Antonio and brainstorming on how we can reach them - lots of good ideas that will be worked on in the coming months. 

As always if you would like to volunteer please give me a shout at vpoutreach@alamopmi.org whether it is for a LIG or programs that you would like to see happen - let me know!