"How To" Workshops: 1) Develop A Strategic Business Case & 2) Project Financial Analysis, Project Selection & Cost Estimating

August 25, 2018
8:00 AM CDT - 12:00 PM CDT
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Norris Convention Center
618 NW Loop 410, Suite #207
San Antonio, TX 78216

Introducing a new "How To" Workshop Series
for Hands On Learning
from Alamo PMI   

First Edition:  Saturday, August 25, 2018

Check-in and breakfast start at 8:00am
Workshops begin at 9:00am and end at noon

Norris Convention Center
618 NW Loop 410, Suite #207
San Antonio, TX 78216

$40 for members / $45 for non-members

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Workshop 1 Starts at 9:00am
"How To Develop A Strategic Business Case" Taught by Sean Thomas

This presentation will show you how to develop a strategic business case, explain the economics of gathering necessary
data/info, analyzing it, and generating an effective and efficient report, using examples and interactive challenges.
We’ll (briefly) review the basics/generalities and misconceptions about what a business case is supposed to be. Exclude
what it is not, before detailing what it is. Then cover "Structure" which includes the Executive Summary (BLUF) Objectives
future), Rationale and approach, Measures for gauging performance, Benefits that address concerns, project
alternatives (preferred), 
Implementation Plan, Risk, Funding Sources, Key Milestones, Concerns, Lessons Learned from
OPAs, Appendices (Supporting Doc's), 
How it Leads to the Charter.

While there are many different forms/formats of business cases, there is no single equation or one-size-fits-all method or
answer to help develop a 
strategic business case. Projects are investments, and should be carefully selected to meet the
needs of the performing organization. But if project 
success stems from effective requirement-collecting, then success begins
with intelligent strategic business case development.


Workshop 2 Starts at 10:30am
"How To Perform Project Financial Analysis, Project Selection & Cost Estimating" Taught by Art Garcia

In order to maximize return on investment of precious and scarce organizational resources (time, manpower, political
capital, etc.), organizations must choose projects judiciously.

We’ll (briefly) review the basic tenets, tools and techniques for using Net Present Value (NPV), Return On Investment
(ROI), and Break Even Point to identify the optimal projects proposed and mitigate project risk. In order to further
reduce project risk, we’ll study industry best practices and proven techniques to estimate project material and manpower

Suffice it to say, Project Financial Analysis does have limitations and drawbacks for selecting projects for investment.
Finally, we’ll talk also other techniques to define, measure and deliver success for your program and portfolio.


$40.00 Alamo PMI Members

$45.00 Non-Alamo PMI Member