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Alamo PMI May 2019 Monthly Meeting

Alamo PMI May 2019 Monthly Meeting
May 29, 2019 | 5:30 PM CDT


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The Best Project Managers Are Themselves
Leticia Peevy, Alamo PMI Chapter member and guest speaker for June has an article published on and featured on the home page. In this article, Leticia discusses the importance of authenticity and provides practical actions you can take to help become more authentic and genuine.

A Comparative Analysis of Agile, Six Sigma, and Critical Pathway Methodologies
Comparing heavily utilized methodologies such as agile, Six Sigma, and critical pathway methodologies (CPM) can provide insight into how criteria such as type of process utilization, flexibility or rigidity, and project complexity are crucial to making an informed decision that fits the obligations of a business or organization.

If Quality Slips, Check Your Risks
This article presents a situation in which quality and risk were decoupled with an approach using project management elements to correct the resulting imbalance.

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